For twenty years now Ulan Bator crew has been a promoter and supporter for Jungle, Dubstep and Live DnB in Leipzig, Germany. To be part of a steady musical flow and the love to any kind of breakbeat music from the beginning of dub, roots and foundation culture till the developments today are the strengths from which we gain ideas and impulses to continue pushing things forward.

The crew is backed by a couple of djs who have partly more than ten years experiences on the decks and some who introduce fresh impulses to the crew as Base & Derrick (both also Junglelion Sound incl. D.I.S), Framo, Malcolm, Mighty Melody, Murdock, and Reckless. In addition, Ulan Bator directs two labels: Ulan Bator Records and Junglelivity which released tracks with Base, Bombah, Direct Feed, D.I.S, FeyDer, Igit, KMS, Krinjah, Mute-atioN, and Pyjama Pyrat.


1995 - 1999
In 1995, Ulan Bator Crew began to do parties in an underground freeparty style at several mostly old left industrial locations. Two years later it was rented a 140 qm location at Spinnerei on an old industrial area for cotton manufacturing. There in following three years, Ulan Bator promoted regulary parties with own dj as Derrick, Framo, Malcolm, Snoopy, and MC Ramo, but even organized three great events at the Spinnerei: Harzfein, and Kocmoc I + II with up to 1.500 guests.

2000 - 2002
After leaving the location at Spinnerei due to the dilapidated state of the building, Ulan Bator continued to promote parties at several places. In the dawn of the new century the crew presented together with the Reggae soundsystem: Rotzlöffel HiFi a regular at Kulturbundhaus. Besides that and later it took place further engagements at different venues all over Leipzig: Conne Island, Redlight D.C., Substanz, and Kosmophon. The crew hosted various national djs and soundsystems as DJ Hype (BLN), E.Decay, Appollo, Tobstar, and Supersonic Sound at that time.

2002 - 2007
In 2002 the Fridayclub at Distillery was opened. A couple of Leipzig crews with a different background of electronic breakbeat music were engaged which lasted for the Ulan Bator crew more than five years. At the Ulan Bator regular: Ulan Bator Trommel Bass on each 3rd Friday, the crew took the chance to present a lot of DnB and Jungle selectors from all over Europe and Northamerica as even the first appearances of live DnB bands as Miloopa (Pl), Spielwiese (DE), and Style Confusion (local heros) alike. Besides that regular, there were a few greater but ones of the most impressive parties ever done by Ulan Bator as the 8th Anniversary with Dissident Sound in 2003 or JoJoMayer in 2004 at Tangofabrik.

2008 - XXXX
In last years Ulan Bator has promoted less parties than before and focused
more on the label work of Ulan Bator Records and Junglelivity with the goal to build a strong own musical community of producers and musicans.

Over all the years, the crew gained a lot of new inspiring artists like Base, Mighty Melody, Mute-atioN, or Reckless and first members like Derrick and Malcolm are still ones of the most wanted djs in town. And the story will be continued as long as following idea is our master:

To get in contact with people who love the same music as we do and to strengthen the scene as a whole are our main goals and motivations till today. Spending our time with all that work concerning a partydate will be paid back by receiving an exciting party.

So much respect to all the people who support us in this way for several years!